How to solve the issue of HP Printer not printing black?

We all know that we cannot stay without using technical devices as it has become our everyday need. In our day to day life, we use many technical devices such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and printers. A printer is one such technical device that is mostly used in the offices and without it the work gets difficult. The printer is an easy medium of doing work in the offices.

Speaking of the printer, HP printer is known to be the best printers as it comes in great feature and high definite printing quality. Although HP printer is known to have good quality yet they sometimes go through technical issues. One such technical issue is a printer not being able to print black. If you occur with the technical issue then you can also take help from HP Printer Support. In this article, we will discuss four easy solutions to troubleshoot the issue of “HP printer not printing black”.

The four methods are as follows:

Solution 1:

The print head should be cleaned:

This error might show up because the HP Printer may occur with clogged print head nozzles. By cleaning the print head you can solve the issue. It is important to clean the print head from time to time to improve print quality.

While you start the process you need to choose the Deep Cleaning or Clean print head option that appears in the Printer Maintenance menu on an HP printer’s control panel. Next, select an option and then print page will appear that will show some pattern outputs in different colors. Make sure you have some paper in the printer before you select to clean the print head. While cleaning up the print head you need to follow the user manual of your HP Printer.

Solution 2:

Input Genuine HP cartridge:

You should always use the cartridges of Genuine HP cartridges, if you use other cartridges then it might not work. If in any case, you use third-party cartridge, then replace it with HP cartridges and with that, you will be able to fix the issue of HP printer unable to print black. Always be ensure of using the compatible Genuine HP cartridge for your printer.

Solution 3:

Refill the new ink cartridge with full ink level:

When you face this issue you need to check the ink level in the cartridges. Some of you might ignore the fact of replacing the cartridges if it is not totally empty. But, in actual you need to replace the black ink cartridge if it is in low ink level. You will also notice an exclamation mark on the ink level indicator if it is with low-level ink. Whenever you notice the printer control panel’s ink level indicator then you will need to replace the black ink cartridge.

Solution 4:

Set the alignment of the print head:

This problem can also occur if the printer is not properly set up. In an HP Printer, the fact is needed to be known that the alignment of the print head needs to be set properly in the print head. You will find the option of Align Print head in most of the HP Printer in which the printer maintenance or Tools control panel menu will be there. While you set the alignment of the print head you will be able to solve this issue.

These are the four solutions in which you can solve the issue of HP Printer unable to print black, but at times you might find it difficult in solving the issue and in that case you can dial at +1-888-621-0339 and the HP Printer Support will help you out in solving the queries related to your printer.


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How to install an ink cartridge in the HP Office jet Pro 6978 printer?

The process of installing the ink cartridge in the Hp Office jet Pro 6978      

The Hp Office jet Pro 6978 comes with the 902 set up which comes with the feature of four color cartridges and those are black, magenta, blue and yellow. You should change if any of those running low in ink level. If you need, you also can take the help of HP Printer Tech Support. Follow the process below to install the ink cartridges in the Hp Office jet Pro 6978;

To start the process of installation of ink cartridges, you need to power on your HP printer.

Now, go to the touch panel which you can see on your printer and there you need to tap and go to the setting and then the cartridge information. Thus, you can know the ink level of the cartridges which are in your printer. Thereby you are aware of the cartridge which is needed to be replaced.

Next, to that, you have to carefully bring out the new cartridges from the package by removing the orange clip on it.

After that, you should remove the glass for your scanner and you should not touch the nozzle of the ink cartridges as it can make your printer to face the issue of ink failure in future.

Now, you can place the ink cartridges and put it in the proper way to the cartridge holder.

Then you should cover the lid of the printer properly.

Checking the placement of the ink cartridges inside the printer is also very important. If those are not placed in the proper way, then it also can create an issue in the future.

By fishing the alignment of the ink cartridges properly and successfully, you can see a message displayed by your HP printer that is “Genuine HP cartridge installed”. To check if the ink cartridges are properly installed or not, you can print a test page.

This is the process by following which you can easily install the ink cartridge of your Hp Office jet Pro 6978 printer. In performing those steps, if you need, you can take the help of the HP Printer Customer Support team.

HP Printer Customer Support  

If you need any help related to the HP printer, the team of HP Printer Customer Support is always there to help you. So the team can help you if you have any confusion regarding the process of installing the ink cartridges in the Hp Office jet Pro 6978. To get their help, you have to dial the number which is + 1-888-621-0339. As they offer customer support over the phone, you don’t have to bring your HP printer to anywhere for getting their service. The team members of the HP Printer Customer Support always try to satisfy the needs of the customers so that the customers return to them again. For offering the service to the customers, the HP Printer Customer Support team never takes any hidden charges. To enjoy the service of HP Printer Customer Support team at a minimal price by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages.